Escape to the coast

The Pinnicle

Maximising the time to explore and photograph the iconic views of the dramatic Dorset coastline.

It is no secret that the Dorset coast is full of opportunity for the Landscape photographer. With amazing locations such as Kimmeridge, Corfe Castle, Old Harry Rocks and Portland to choose from, you are spoilt for choice, but it always leaves me with a dilemma. Where to go next and when?

I’m sure many amateur landscape photographers can identify with the problem of trying to juggle time between family commitments and a full time job and still allow for sufficient time to pursue their passion for landscape photography. These factors often lead to and in my case only gives limited time and opportunity to visit such locations. The thought of going pro and having the opportunity to spend days, even weeks down at coast, scouting and exploring new locations and establishing my own style seems at the minute a distant dream. Until then, if ever such a time presents itself, I will continue to spend a lot of time at home honing my strategies and techniques to ensure that I maximise my chances to capture an image that I can be proud of.
Portland Bill Before Sunrise

Most of my ideas and inspiration come from looking in magazines or books, going online to look at websites such as flickr or looking through popular photography forums. One good piece of advice that I always follow is to research the styles and techniques of locally established pro photographers. Using their knowledge of the local area will give you plenty of inspiration and ideas as to where to visit and what to photograph. Though this approach is unlikely get you any points for originality you will end up with an image for which you can make comparisons.

Even when I have done my research and decided on a location I will not venture out until I have an image in mind. Obviously I cannot control the weather or predict the perfect sunset or sunrise instead having to make do with whatever Mother Nature throws at me but I will always have a composition in mind. If I can finish the day with an image close to the one I had envisaged before I ventured out then I will always view the day as a success.

All the images on the page were captured with my 5DMkiii mounted on my trusty Manfrotto tripod. My go to lens for landscape is my Canon 16-35mm but will always go equipped with my Canon 24-105mm lens. A selection of Lee filters and a cable release is always included in my camera bag.

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